Now a days even social network websites, use SSL certificate to establish a secure connection, which in return creates the feeling of trust among the customers and websites. To understand the importance of SSL certificates, first lets unravel its main significance.

What is SSL certificate?

SSL Certificate is a standard security technology to establish a secure encrypted connection between a web browser and a web server. It is used to handle the sensitive and confidential information of the customers such as phone number, email address, credit/debit card number and much more. It activates the HTTPS and padlock to establish a standard secure connection. Once you install it to your website, the “HTTP” prefix converts into SSL HTTPS where “s” stands for a secure connection.

Why you should have an SSL certificate installed at your website?

  • Websites need their customer’s information such as their credit card number, phone number, email address and other personal details. By having an SSL certificate, your customers will have confidence while submitting their confidential information at your website.
  • It not only establishes the trust    of the customers in your website but also enhances the search engine ranking for your website.
  • If your website is products and services-based then customers can purchase your products and services with confidence.
  • Your clients or visitors can download the files from your website securely without any warnings. If your website do not have SSL certification then web browsers do give warning to the visitors about the security of the page, which is harmful for the image of the company.
  • After having an SSL certificate, you will have padlock sign as well as an URL starts from HTTPS instead of HTTP. It is a great indication to users that they are surfing secure connection.
  • Your website can be easily differentiated from other fake, unauthorized websites.
  • If the connection between a web browser and web surfer is not secure then a moderate hacker can seize the information of the website. This is the biggest reason why you should install an SSL certificate to your website.

Google’s latest update regarding SSL certificate

Google says that SSL certificates are necessary for your website. The websites that do not install the SSL certificate has been formally marked as insecure websites by Google. Now web surfers or visitors have been alerted by a web browsers that they are using the non-HTTPS website. These are flagged with a warning on their address bar. Therefore, users do not show confidence while using non-secure websites, with such suspected markings.

Google’s latest update has been taken seriously by all the websites resulting in 85% of websites with a secure connection. However, a large group of websites are still seemingly less motivated to make the changes that are required. Considering the latest update of Google, if you want to build the trust among your customers and want to have great website ranking then, it is important to install SSL certificate to your website.

Where to buy an SSL certificate?

The SSL certificate cost can vary as per the providers, on the validity and on the type of the certificate however it is recommended you buy it from an authorized seller. Even you can get free SSL certificate online from many authorized sellers. With the help of secure connections, cybercrime can be reduced.

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June 5, 2019


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