We all understand, one of the most crucial elements of any website is lead generation. Your website is the gateway for your potential customers to you, and understanding the lead generation in and out can bring a sturdy prospect for you.

“It’s all about user’s experience,” what’s said is unaltered. While your user’s experience remains the supreme of your concern, getting most out of the website should be cynosure.  First and foremost, create a website to generate the most leads. The term “lead” simply means the potential target and probable quintessential client. Only when the right is targeted, the premier is moulded.

In 2019, when the tech innovations are at peak, think core, think basic. Building trust with the traffic, to attain leads, will help a Web Design Company grow manifold. Here are 7 core Web Designing Attributes which will help you generate leads:

1. Make it interactive

Create a highly user-friendly website. Remove the busy navigations, to let the user experience clean and clutter free navigation. Go for hamburger menu for better lead generation.

2. Let the data drive your business

When you are reading this, Data and Analytics are flourishing. It has tremendous power to enable reaching goals better and quicker. Once you know the stats, the better you know to plan for the ends. Approx. 92% traffic share is generated for websites on the first page of google search. [1] This piece of information lets you strategize for ranking your website higher.

3. Content is the foundation

Relevant, right, and robust content will never go out of fashion. However, the presentation of the same sticks the users. SEO content increases the website’s ranking and hence, lead generation. Organic traffic has a higher probability of being converted into actual customers.  

According to BrightEdge report, 51% of traffic is generated via organic search.

4. Gather the leads

First thing first, know your target segment. Analyze the challenges to overcome them. Have you end-goal in mind, generating a lead? Insert forms seeking minimal information, so that the user feels comfortable sharing the same.

Have a call to action buttons in white space, utilize the area in an optimized way.

5. Embellish the awareness

Educate your user in the form of blogs, e-books, e-tutorials. The information you provide will make them subscribe to you and eventually be connected to you. Background videos actually boost the game. As visual communication is far ahead in the game. Human brain receives 90% of visual information.

6. Let testimony take the front seat

Evidence is the foundation of trust which in turn can earn you an extra mile. The strong impact of client’s say can generate leads multiple times. Use photos, reviews, focus on the outcome, and authentic of all.

Feature influencers or celebrities, wherever possible.

7. Be Digi-expert

A great Web Design Company will have expertise in the digital field, be it marketing, content creation, strategic solutions, or look and feel development. To generate higher leads and grow faster, acquire aid from such Digi-experts and sail smooth.

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June 5, 2019

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